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"One of the best books I have ever read.
It is a balm and a lamp. It is special.
It is pure Holy Spirit gift."

--Carolyn Weber, author of Surprised by Oxford and Holy Is The Day

A short introduction to A Small Cup of Light.

"What shall we do when confronted by the ache of our suffering in the presence of a living God?"

In his mid-thirties, Ben Palpant was suddenly reduced to an infant in a matter of a few short weeks–learning again to read and walk and feed himself. With no clear diagnosis, he was left alone with his questions: “Who am I?” and “Why is this happening to me?” This book is his attempt to re-enter that dark season and come to terms with the mystery, brokenness, and hope that he encountered in the wilderness.

A Small Cup of Light is a bold invitation to face God in the darkness. It is a rousing call to the human spirit, offering hope to the hopeless and a song to the suffering.

This book is for all those who are suffering or have suffered. It is for those who long for more joy, a richer life, and a deeper walk with God. In other words, it is a book for all of us.


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    Chapter 2 of A Small Cup of Light

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"We have a new Annie Dillard or Ivan Doig for the Christian, the pilgrim, the sufferer, the Everyman."

Bill fan of A Small Cup of Light

"It takes the anticipation of a GREAT book for me to order a hard-cover edition, so as to shelve it in my library upon completion, in order to pull it out later to re-read or to loan to a special friend. This book falls into the latter category. This book is beautiful and it is important."

Gina fan of A Small Cup of Light

"This is simply a superb book. It is beautifully written...Palpant raises all the hard questions without flinching, and offers clear and careful answers that go all the way down to the right part of the soul...The Puritans were great on the subject of affliction, and here in this book we have that same set of sensibilities in modern guise. One Puritan once said that affliction was a dirty lane to a royal palace, and that is the testimony of this book."

Douglas Wilson
Douglas Wilson author of Evangellyfish, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, and Reforming Marriage

"A Small Cup of Light is the sustenance we need to pass through the valley of the shadow and arrive on the other side more whole, more humble, and more alive."

Shann Ray Ferch
Shann Ray Ferch author of American Masculine and Balefire: Poems

"Adversity, sorrow, disappointment. None of us ever want it, but all of us will surely face it. Ben Palpant's beautiful book--beautifully conceived and beautifully written--explores the dark profiles of suffering with the glistening light of hope. Reading A Small Cup of Light powerfully moved me."

George Grant
George Grant author and speaker, pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church

"Don't miss this book. Whether you are in the midst of a period of darkness, depression, physical suffering, loneliness, tragedy, or know someone who is, this book is for you."

Kristin fan of A Small Cup of Light

"I was absolutely humbled and blown away...Amazing!"

Paul fan of A Small Cup of Light

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