A short introduction to Pepin And The Magician.

An epic fairy tale in poetic form...and a galloping good read.

Age Range: Although it is a story written for 4-9 year olds, it has been applauded by children up to 12 years old.

Story Synopsis: Pepin was born into a world devoid of light. He assumed that this was the way life was until he met a magician who told him the history of Pepin's land and gave him a gift that would change Pepin's life and might very well change the world. Pepin And The Magician is the story of a disregarded boy, an astounding magician, and an improbable quest for hope.

From The Author: I wrote this book in the Dr. Seuss style, in hopes that it would be catchy and enjoyable to read. And it's true that I wrote this for my children, but I also wrote it for me. I often feel like Pepin and  I long for the magician to save the day.

“This captivating tale is so well-written and has amazing happy ending which makes you feel so cozy inside. It is epic and heroic.”

Evelyn Age 12

“I felt like I was right there, walking with Pepin in the woods.”

Sylvia Age 11

“It showed me that light can bring joy in the world.”

Sammie Age 9

“It showed me hope, redemption, and kindness.”

Noah Age 12

“I loved all the excitement in the story and how many expressive words it used.”

Genevieve Age 11